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What can we learn from Q1 2024 healthcare data security breaches?
As we head on to Q2, it is wise to note that the first quarter of 2024 has brought healthcare data security to the forefront of discussions among healthcare professionals. With breaches affecting millions, the implications for healthcare and the necessity for robust data security measures have never been more apparent.
8 April 2024
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WhiteSpace Health at 2024 EDPMA Solution Summit
WhiteSpace Health highlights its participation in the 2024 EDPMA Solutions Summit, showcasing AI-driven healthcare analytics to advance emergency department management and operational efficiency, set in Seattle for professionals in emergency care.
29 March 2024
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Using ML to Resolve Denied Claims
Harness the power of Machine Learning (ML) to revolutionize the revenue cycle. Discover hidden patterns in medical claims data, predict the most effective actions, and achieve successful claim resolution while optimizing efficiency and lowering expenses.
20 Sep 2023
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Considering ChatGPT for our Analytics Platform
Discover how ChatGPT's influence on generative AI drives businesses, including WhiteSpace Health, to explore its potential in boosting customer value, operational efficiency, and financial performance.
20 Sep 2023
staffing-challenges staffing-challenges

AI Helps Abate RCM Staffing Challenges

The healthcare staffing shortage was dire pre-COVID-19 and worsened during the pandemic. Hospital CEOs cite workforce challenges as their top concern.
4 Apr 2023
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AI in the Revenue Cycle: Expanding your Capabilities

Healthcare providers face financial challenges and pressure to improve revenue cycle management due to staffing shortages, RCM leadership turnover, and payer policy changes.
29 Mar 2023
revenue-leakage revenue-leakage

Healthcare Revenue Leakage Can Be Fixed

Shifting revenue streams and payment collection challenges are causing financial leakage in healthcare. COVID-19 has added to ongoing staffing and burnout issues for physicians.
14 Mar 2023
average-long average-long

Average Patient Wait Times are Increasing for an Appointment How Long is too Long?

No appointment slots can be wasted if healthcare is to improve patient access.
22 Feb 2023
cfo-priority cfo-priority

CFO’s Top 10 Business Priorities for 2022 - 2023

In the face of adversity, CFOs were surveyed to identify their top business priorities. Here is our CEO’s interpretation on the results.
08 Feb 2023
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Enhanced Revenue Requires Deep Analytics

CEO Gautam Char shares his thoughts on how healthcare organizations can solve key problems with deep analytics. Read his newest blog, out now.
18 Jan 2023
humanize humanize

Re-introducing Humor Humanizes Us

Healthcare workers faced exhaustion, overwork, and personal loss while adapting to survive the pandemic along with their patients.
07 Sep 2022
generate-revenue generate-revenue
Generate Revenue using Scheduling Data and Creativity
Using scheduling data and creativity can increase revenue through efficient scheduling, reducing no-shows, and maximizing available resources.
05 Aug 2022
cycle-data-mobile cycle-data-web
Find Money in your Schedule and Cycle Time Data
Analyzing scheduling data can help operational leaders identify opportunities to increase patient volume and improve billing for increased revenue.
05 Aug 2022
oppurtunities-optimize oppurtunities-optimize

Pre-Visit Opportunities to Optimize A/R

The front end of a patient visit is vital for revenue cycle as it includes accurate demographic data, insurance eligibility verification, and advance co-payment collection.
01 Aug 2022
mitigate-risk mitigate-risk

Mitigating Write-Off Risk

Understanding A/R complexity, including debtors, collection costs, and mitigation strategies, improves financial performance and sustains higher cash collections.
01 Aug 2022
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How is Inflation Affecting Patient A/R?
Inflation increases healthcare costs, causing higher patient A/R balances and potential difficulties in payment.
28 Jul 2022
no-cancellation no-cancellation

No-shows and Cancellations Negatively Impact Provider Utilization and Practice Revenue

Have you introduced intelligence to your revenue cycle? Our CEO has built more proactive revenue cycle using AI.
01 Jul 2022
rcm-leadership rcm-leadership

RCM Leadership is More than Just Collecting Cash

RCM leadership is more than just collecting cash. Learn about what attributes lead to success.
15 Jun 2022
revenue-cycle revenue-cycle

Introducing Intelligence to the Revenue Cycle

Data’s Vast Untapped Opportunity​. Every data that is vexing us at present should be used to make informed decisions that allow us to react and improve healthcare and its revenue cycle.​
11 Apr 2022
state_of_ai state-of-ai

State of AI in the Enterprise

Top-level champions see AI as a key differentiator, fostering a culture of AI linked to success.
03 Dec 2021
technical-implementation managing-change

Managing Change in a Technical Implementation

How do you manage change during a tech implementation? Our CEO, Gautam Char, shares his thoughts.
18 Nov 2021
learned-fom-HBMA learned-fom-HBMA

What We Learned from HBMA

Insights from listening to the marketplace and understanding their challenges.
05 Nov 2021
analytical-implementation analytical-implementation

Analytics Implementation

Sage words of advice to help you overcome common barriers to a successful analytics implementation.
03 Aug 2021
getting-the-name getting-the-name

Getting the Name Right

Set your revenue cycle up for success with meticulous demographic data and reap the benefits in lower denial rates.
27 Jul 2021
5-Tips-for-Reducing-Charge-Lags 5-Tips-for-Reducing-Charge-Lags

5 Tips for Reducing Charge Lag Days

The longer it takes to submit a medical claim, the longer it takes to get paid. Here are six practical tips to help you get control over lag days – and get paid faster.
14 Jul 2021
oppurtunities-payment oppurtunities-payment

Components of Lag Time: Opportunities in Payment Posting

Read the third installment of our Components of Lag Time blog series.
24 Jun 2021
charge-lag charge-lag

Components of Lag Time: Charge Lag

Lag time introduces delay to the revenue cycle. This blog contains tips for lowering lag time to ensure revenue cycle predictability.
24 May 2021
payment-lag payment-lag

Components of Lag Time: Total Payment Lag

This last blog post on lag time summarizes the many moving parts to this often-overlooked opportunity to accelerate cash collections.
19 May 2021
bill-creation-lag bill-creation-lag

Components of Lag Time: Defining Bill Creation Entry Lag

This second installment of our lag time blog series focuses on bill creation and submission lag times and what you can do to reduce their impact.
19 May 2021
key-traights key-traights

Key Traits of Future Ready Organizations

Our VP of Marketing, Carrie Bauman, reacts to a McKinsey article on resilience. She explores common traits of future ready organizations that are poised for post pandemic success.
01 Apr 2021
denied-claims revenue-leakage

How Revenue Cycle Management Departments Can Put an End to Denied Claims

Clean claims are paid on first submission without intervention, with a 95-97% rate considered high performance by revenue cycle experts.
staffing-shortage staffing-shortage

Addressing Staffing Shortages

Address staffing shortages with AI-driven RevIntel. Identify revenue leakage and optimize efficiency. Embrace AI for competitive healthcare RCM.
kpi-thumbnail-web kpi-thumbnail-mobile

Best Practice KPIs

Unlock financial success: Boost reimbursement and seal revenue leaks with powerful KPIs for peak RCM performance. Measure, track, and align your way to prosperity, making informed decisions for a prosperous future.
data-security data-security
Data security and AI-based RCM solutions
AI transforms healthcare and ventures into uncharted territory: revenue cycle management.
password-secure-web-thumbnail password-secure-mobile-thumbnail
Are Passwords Keeping Your Data Secure ?
In 2023, US HHS reported 327 breaches, a 104% increase from 2022, each compromising 150,809 health records, impacting 30 million Americans.
compete-retail-mob compete-retail-web
12 Ways to Compete with Retail Healthcare.
Discover 12 essential strategies for medical practices to compete effectively in the era of retail healthcare, ensuring exceptional patient care and practice growth.
creating-true-thumbnail-web creating-true-thumbnail-mobile
Creating True Change with Improvement Science
Running a medical practice requires data-driven decisions and real-time monitoring of work streams, from revenue cycle to operations, to prioritize high-performing areas.
primary-care-thumbnail-web primary-care-thumbnail-mob
Primary Care in the Age of Convenience.
Discover 12 essential strategies for medical practices to compete effectively in the era of retail healthcare, ensuring exceptional patient care and practice growth.
10-ways 10-ways
10 Tips to Create a Digital First Patient Experience.
The future of healthcare is digital, driven by patient empowerment and consumerism.
question-blog-thumb-web question-blog-thumb-mob
Should AI Be Regulated? Can It Be Regulated?
Q&A With Muthu Krishnan: Chief Technology Officer at WhiteSpace Health.
adoption-barrier-web-thumb adoption-barrier-mobile-thumb
Barriers to Adoption of AI in the Revenue Cycle
Healthcare revenue managers leverage AI for staff shortages, payer challenges, billing shifts, and fee recovery hurdles.
ai-improve-thumbnail-web ai-improve-thumbnail-mobile
Ways AI can improve RCM
AI-Driven Healthcare RCM: Real-time Insights, Task Prioritization, and Proactive Claim Resolution.

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