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WhiteSpace Health at 2024 EDPMA Solution Summit

by Carrie Bauman


The healthcare industry is at a pivotal moment of transformation, driven by the relentless advancement of technology and the ever-evolving needs of emergency care. At the heart of this evolution is the 2024 EDPMA Solutions Summit, an event that stands as a beacon for professionals navigating the complexities of emergency department management. WhiteSpace Health, a leader in AI-enabled healthcare analytics, is poised to join this crucial gathering in Seattle, WA, from April 26-30, at the Hyatt Regency.


The Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) is the foremost advocate for emergency department practice management, representing a significant portion of ED visits nationwide. It is an essential platform for sharing innovations, advocacy, and educational resources, making it the perfect stage for WhiteSpace Health to showcase our revolutionary healthcare analytics platform that supports the ED revenue cycle and operations.

Why We're Heading to the Event

WhiteSpace Health is on a mission to demonstrate how AI and machine learning can re-imagine the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue cycle and the financial operations management of emergency departments. The EDPMA Solutions Summit provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and innovators to discuss the future of emergency medicine and the role of data analytics in shaping that future.

Get VIP Access to Live Demo

Experience a unique opportunity to dive deep into the future of healthcare analytics with WhiteSpace Health. Our Regional Sales Director, Olivia Davis, will provide an exclusive demo of our cutting-edge RCM AI analytics platform. This special presentation is available to attendees who schedule their appointment in advance. Secure your VIP access now and be among the first to see how our technology can transform your practice. Book your spot through this link


Hot Topics for This Year

This year, we anticipate that the summit will focus on themes like the integration of telemedicine in emergency care, advancements in AI and ML, and strategies for navigating the evolving healthcare regulatory landscape. These topics are crucial for anyone looking to stay at the forefront of emergency medicine practice management.

Can't Miss Sessions

Our list of must-attend sessions includes "AI in Emergency Medicine: Beyond the Hype," and "Telemedicine's Role in the Future of Emergency Care,". These sessions promise to offer valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping emergency department management.

Highlighted Exhibitors

Apart from our exhibit at Booth 208, we are looking forward to visiting fellow innovators in healthcare technology. Companies specializing in telemedicine solutions, patient management software, and AI diagnostics tools are on our must-visit list, reflecting our commitment to holistic improvement in emergency care through technology.

Entertainment in Seattle

Beyond the summit, Seattle offers a wealth of cultural and recreational activities. From the iconic Space Needle to the historic Pike Place Market, attendees can enjoy the vibrant cityscape and its culinary delights, making for a memorable visit.

Highlights from Past Years

Reflecting on previous summits, it's evident that each year brings forth groundbreaking ideas and collaborations that push the boundaries of emergency medicine. Last year's event, for instance, was a milestone in discussing the impact of the No Surprises Act on emergency departments, setting the stage for innovative compliance and billing solutions.

WhiteSpace Health Analytics Platform

Our platform stands at the intersection of technology and healthcare, offering AI-driven insights for revenue optimization and operational efficiency. At the summit, we'll demonstrate our platform's capabilities, including real-time KPI dashboards, predictive analytics, and solutions for minimizing revenue leakage.

Use Cases for Emergency Departments

Our analytics platform has been instrumental in transforming emergency departments across the country. By enabling data-driven decision-making, we have helped clients improve their operational efficiency and financial performance. These use cases will be showcased at our booth, highlighting the tangible benefits of integrating advanced analytics into emergency department operations.

Beyond the EDPMA Event

Healthcare professionals and leaders who attended or missed this event will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the emergency department's operational and revenue cycle analytics. You will be engaging with our leaders:

Mike Simms

Mike Simms
VP Solutions

Ivan Bradshaw

Ivan Bradshaw
VP Product Management.

The highlights of this webinar are the enhancement of the Emergency Department (ED) revenue cycle and operational efficiency through AI and ML using real-life examples. Key learning goals include:

  • Introduction to AI and ML in ED management.
  • Real-life use cases demonstrating AI's impact on ED operational efficiency.
  • Identify and prioritize revenue leaks and reimbursement recovery.
  • Apply ML to improve decision-making with actionable insights and data.
  • Enhance staff efficiency by grouping claims, and optimizing financial goals, with the WhiteSpace Health Platform.

Join Us at the 2024 EDPMA Solutions Summit

WhiteSpace Health is excited to contribute to the dialogue at the EDPMA Solutions Summit, sharing our vision for a data-driven future in emergency medicine. Visit us at Booth 208 to explore our AI-enabled solutions and learn how we can help your organization navigate the challenges of modern healthcare.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

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