Our Revenue Intelligence Platform uses the power of AI to reduce revenue leakage, effectively manage operations, and uplift revenue.

Those who leverage analytics to inform decision making are 77% more likely than their peers to achieve their goals.

Source: McKinsey

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Deep Analytics Strengthen Your Financial Performance

WhiteSpace Health is a deep analytics company whose Revenue Intelligence Platform is purpose-built to support the informational and decision-making needs of all manner of healthcare organizations. With integrations to numerous EHRs and practice management systems, WhiteSpace Health supports informational needs from medical practices and other settings of care to the very largest and most complex enterprises. 

Through the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and proprietary methodologies, WhiteSpace Health securely delivers fresh, actionable insights, and builds organizational alignment through data previously contained in disparate sources to support rapid decision making. 

The Revenue Intelligence Platform is distinct in the market because it effectively bridges the gap between identifying and understanding issues and translating this information into the prescriptive actions needed to resolve revenue leakage, improve operational performance, uplift revenue and transform the business. Additionally, new guided solutions enable both prevention and resolution of denials, as well as the optimization of appointments that drives provider utilization.

We offer white label solutions and custom-built products to many of the largest healthcare organizations in the US. Our portfolio of solutions leverages proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other robust technologies to solve important business problems such as the automation of revenue cycle processes and improvement of provider utilization.

Our fresh, actionable insights help healthcare organizations reduce revenue leakage, improve operational performance, and grow top line revenue.

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About WhiteSpace Health

The WhiteSpace Health platform answers your revenue cycle and operational questions and optimizes provider utilization with quality data and actionable insights and patient-friendly schedule enhancement capabilities.

Our powerful yet elegantly simple guided analytics solutions automates routine KPI reporting, alerts you when unacceptable performance thresholds are crossed and provides you with fresh actionable insights that allow you to take immediate action.

Maintain optimal performance, fully leverage your providers, enhance patient experience, and transform your business with WhiteSpace Health intelligent analytics solutions.

Actionable insights fuel performance.

Healthcare generates a lot of data. Keeping it fresh and transforming data into actionable insights can be quite challenging. Immature data governance can compound the problem, leading to data silos.

The WhiteSpace Health Cloud and our proprietary Data Pump technology overcome these challenges by extracting, cleansing, and loading your revenue cycle and operational data into a cloud-hosted health data warehouse. Every WhiteSpace Health view from revenue cycle to operations surfaces information from the same health data warehouse to ensure consistency while helping to build organizational alignment through data.

View performance of your RCM workstreams from virtually anywhere using your laptop with an internet browser, or through your iOS or Android mobile apps.

You’re in the business of providing healthcare. Let us handle your analytics

Think you need more IT infrastructure, technical staff, software licenses and a plan for regular updates to stand up a robust guided analytics platform? You don’t. With WhiteSpace Health, we manage your data in our proprietary cloud-hosted analytics platform. Once connectivity is established, there is virtually no impact or cost to existing staff. No special hardware is needed either, except that new smart phone you’ve been eyeing. With options for no implementation costs, our affordable monthly subscription can get you started today!

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