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How many appointment slots go unused each day? Even if it’s only a couple, over a few months or a year, empty slots can dramatically affect top line revenue.  Patients don’t have the patience to navigate your office phone system or deal with lackluster portal workflows – and it is driving up cancellation and no-show rates. WhiteSpace Health’s Intelligent Scheduler adds AI, ML and psychographics to layer a smart approach onto your established scheduling solution. Now you can give patients exactly what they want – easy, fast and convenient scheduling, calendaring and specifically targeted reminders to mobile phones – that improve provider utilization rates and drive improved top line financial performance.  What would a 2% increase in utilization mean to you?

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Innovative Tech and Psychology Combine for Amazing Results

Missed and cancelled appointments directly affect top line revenue. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive Machine Learning (ML) models and psychographic data, Intelligent Scheduler curates a personalized, patient centric mobile scheduling experience that engages patients to take care of their health and keep their appointments. When cancellations do occur, Intelligent Scheduler works behind the scenes to activate wait list patients. Everybody wins – patients get seen faster, practice schedules are optimized and top line revenue improves.

The benefits of Appointment Optimizer

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Let’s estimate the impact of missed appointments on your practice’s billings. Use your practice data to fill out our WhiteSpace Health Appointment Optimizer opportunity worksheet. 

Key Features

Understand what makes WhiteSpace Health Intelligent Scheduler a must-have for your practice.


It identifies appointments with the highest likelihood of not being kept and automatically takes action to minimize the potential revenue loss.


Psychographic profiles present messaging that is purposefully curated to activate patients, accelerate time to care, eliminate double-bookings and it ensure all available slots are visible.

Patient Outreach

Use patient outreach program templates to encourage routine screenings, follow-up care, and care acceleration. With our radically convenient approach, you'll get patients to your door with ease.

Let's do the math

Last minute cancellations, patient no-shows and other cancellations that cannot be re-filled average between 6% to 23% of all patient appointments.  Assume that your practice has 500 appointment slots at an average value of $125 each, for a potential of $62,500 per week. If 10% of your appointments result in no shows, late cancels, and other cancellations whose slots cannot be filled, that means you are missing out on 50 appointments at $125 each or $6,250 weekly.  In a year’s time, that adds up to $325,000. 

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