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Leverage of Analytics is Quite Common and Often not Effective
The term “analytics” has a specific definition used by purists and it includes descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive, predictive methodologies. However, most organizations use the term more broadly to describe a collection of activities such as MIS (management information systems), big data, data lakes, metrics, reports, insights, and of course analytics. Most organizations invest a significant amount in home grown solutions and primarily create a higher end reporting tool.
The WhiteSpace Health team believes that standard analytics are wholly insufficient to create the impact needed by healthcare organizations. To address this gap and fully meet the needs across the healthcare continuum, we expanded the capabilities of the analytics in our platform to support the following.
  • Culture of using data
  • Easy support for mulitple disparate sources
  • Timeliness of data
  • Quality and trust in the data
  • Data and definitions normalized across systems
  • Completeness of the data for the "area of outcomes"
  • Easy identification of opportunities and reduction of data clutter
  • Opportunities presented in the workflow
  • Governance to enable improvements
  • Knowledge of how to remediate the "actionable insight"
  • Automation of remediation based on AI

At WhiteSpace Health, we apply deep revenue cycle and healthcare operations knowledge that has been amassed by our team during their impressive careers to create a powerful and purpose-built deep analytics platform. Through the application of business intelligence (BI), AI and machine learning (ML) to your data, our platform detects, predicts, and resolves issues, and automatically prioritizes work, provides the knowledge on how to resolve the issues, and effectively govern the improvements.

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