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Creating True Change with Improvement Science

by Gautam Char

There are a million things to do when running a medical practice, you cannot do a good job and without making data-driven decisions nor without knowing the health of all your work streams. From the revenue cycle to operations, you need fresh data that is automatically delivered to your laptop - and you need to know which work streams are not performing well so you can quickly focus your energy on those of highest priority.

Getting Started

As healthcare continues to witness exponential growth in data, health systems must navigate how to use that data to drive improvement. Healthcare has historically been slow to adopt new technologies. Budget constraints, regulatory burdens as well as the inability or lack of experience to effectively implement change and how to understand the impact of technology on outcomes are all barriers to getting started. With so much data and so many systems, where do you start?

At WhiteSpace Health, we have wrestled with the same challenges that you are now facing. Using the vast experience of our team, we have come up with an eight-step improvement model that you can adopt to your organizational needs. This framework will help you organize your thoughts, and effectively apply improvement science. Our platform provides fresh actionable data so you can understand the health of your workstreams and decide which approaches to take to create the results your business needs.

Eight-Step Model to Create True Change

With any project, it’s less overwhelming if you break it down into bite sized chunks. After tackling the first step, you will be equipped to move to the second step. Before long, you will be on your way to creating true and sustainable change. Here are the eight steps in our framework for creating change through data.

Introducing a robust analytics platform to any healthcare organization requires people, processes, and technology to adapt. Once processes are re-engineered, technology is live and people have been trained, your organization will be primed to transform for the creation of a data-driven culture that measures and monitors performance to continuously improve performance of the revenue cycle.

About Gautam Char


Gautam Char is the president and CEO of WhiteSpace Health. He has a wealth of experience bringing products to market and rapidly growing companies. Known for building high performance teams that create valuable products and solutions for customers, Char’s talent for collaboration and his industry knowledge will position WhiteSpace Health for growth and excellence.