Telehealth Module

Gain deep insights into telehealth

How well is your telehealth service performing?​

Use the Telehealth module to create financial and operational performance benchmarks. Automate ongoing KPI monitoring to drive your telehealth service line to optimal performance. Compare in-person and telehealth service lines and gain deep insights into the impacts both services lines have on your business and  the bottom line. 

Visibility into virtual medicine

Monitor your telehealth metrics to ensure success

Capture baseline

Establish a baseline for telehealth services and improve performance from there.

Establish KPIs

Monitor telehealth KPIs such as encounter volume, revenue insights, and denials to tightly manage collections.

Automate Monitoring

Surveillance inside the platform will alert you when key performance indicators cross thresholds you designate.


Reimbursement for telehealth services is shifting. Understand variations in your service line collections and prepare for change.

How do your service lines measure up?

Compare telehealth with in-person visit types

Operational metrics

Which service lines have the highest percentages of kept appointments? The most cancellations? Use analytics to deeply understand how patients react to both visit types.

Understand utilization

Monitor staff utilization rates and deeply understand the levers that improve them. Identify specialties or procedure codes that are best suited to telehealth versus in-person.

Improve collections

Identify trends in reimbursement and actions you can take to improve collections. Dig deep into denials and filter by payer, provider, service line and more for valuable insights.

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Telehealth Module

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