Operations Module

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
report organizational health and performance

Gain visibility to your operations

WhiteSpace Health delivers actionable insights for all of your operational workstreams allowing you to direct your time on key areas and make intelligent decisions that move your practice forward.

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How heathy is your practice?

Automate Operations Insights

Fresh KPIs are delivered to your mobile phone or laptop each day. The platform monitors performance in the background and automatically fires alerts when your standards aren't met.

Data Supports Actions

Guided analytics expand your insight by presenting high level trends and the capability to drill down to claims and other root causes.

Timely Decisions

Because data is refreshed daily, support for thoughtful well-informed decisions is always available.

The Operations module supports many functions


Patient scheduling is the lifeblood of practices, and the operations module provides fresh insights into patient volumes, cancels, no-shows, schedule changes and all aspects of appointment workflows.


When patients arrive at your practice, the check-in process is paramount to keeping your practice flowing smoothly.

Clinical Time

The heart of healthcare is the time spent that providers spend with patients. Dig into appointment encounter details and optimize provider utilization.


Ensure documentation of medical necessity in advance of services and treatments so payment delays and denials are reduced on the back end of the revenue cycle.


Watch referral trends and track which providers are generating the most new patients for your practice.


Details on the medications dispensed by the practice. Sort by provider, location, and date to drill down into dispensing patterns and quantity dispensed.

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Operations Module

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Advanced Features

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