Operations Module

Schedule more patients. Grow your business. Increase your revenue.

Use Data to Grow

  • Find areas of opportunity.
  • Understand the levers that will change performance.
  • Make intelligent decisions.
  • Focus your time.
  • Improve financial performance.

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Our Platform Supports Growth

Manage Disparate Data Sources

The platform consolidates data from disparate sources to create a unified health data warehouse.

Automate KPIs

The platform delivers fresh KPIs to your mobile phone or laptop, and monitors performance in the background - firing alerts when workstreams begin to underperform.

Find Opportunities

AI identifies opportunities in your data and prescribes actions you can take to quickly address them.

Enhance and Accelerate Revenue

Our customers capitalize on these opportunities to enhance performance and accelerate revenue.

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Operational Support

Insight into all financial operations to grow revenue.

Identify front-end opportunities that reduce payer friction and get you paid fast.

Discover patterns in referrals and orders. Identify revenue leakage opportunities to enable revenue growth and improve patient population health.

Reduce patient no-shows and cancellations to improve provider utilization and increase billings.

Move patients efficiently through all stages of their appointments to drive satisfaction.

Reveal opportunities to increase patient volumes, lower wait times and turnover rates. 

Track new admissions, re-admits, utilization rates, length of stay metrics, and case mix index.

Transparency to re-admits, mortality rates, infection and post-op complication data and more. 

Appointment Optimizer

Layer a smart approach onto your established scheduling solution with AI and ML. Appointment Optimizer drives provider utilization with schedule optimization. Engage clients and lower cancellations and no-shows with text-based communication. Automatic waitlist promotion keeps schedules full and care acceleration ensures regular screenings keep patients healthy.


The Operations module supports many functions


Patient scheduling is the lifeblood of practices, and the operations module provides fresh insights into patient volumes, cancels, no-shows, schedule changes and all aspects of appointment workflows.


When patients arrive at your practice, the check-in process is paramount to keeping your practice flowing smoothly.

Clinical Time

The heart of healthcare is the time spent that providers spend with patients. Dig into appointment encounter details and optimize provider utilization.


Ensure documentation of medical necessity in advance of services and treatments so payment delays and denials are reduced on the back end of the revenue cycle.


Watch referral trends and track which providers are generating the most new patients for your practice.


Details on the medications dispensed by the practice. Sort by provider, location, and date to drill down into dispensing patterns and quantity dispensed.

Solution Brief

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