Call Center Module

Deep insights into your call center

Improve customer service with an eye toward the bottom line

Rich visualizations in the Call Center module deliver fresh KPI data that details volumes and other service metrics.  The highly interactive user experience presents trends and drill down capabilities – to individual service representative and patient.

Strike that perfect balance between quality care and resource use ​

Why do patients call?

Identify the top reasons patients call. If it’s scheduling, consider if online scheduling tool would better serve your patients with 24x7x365 availability from any internet connected device. ​

When do patients call?

Identify both busy and down times in call volume. Allocate more staff during busy hours and assign other tasks, such as appointment reminders, during lower volume times. ​

How long do patients wait?

Better response times are huge patient satisfiers. Highly responsive service leads to better ratings and referrals, and faster collections.

How are you managing patient fear during the pandemic?

It’s important to alleviate your patients’ fear of catching Covid-19 during an office visit. An outbound calling campaign to educate your patients about preventative measures that they need to take, and those the office takes to keep them safe is a best practice. ​

What disease states generate the
most calls?

Analyze call center time by disease codes. Share this valuable information with your payers to demonstrate how you keep patients well-managed in the office instead of more expensive settings of care such as the ED. ​

Customer experience excellence

Natural Language Processing

NLP transforms call center notes and ensures reason codes are uniformly applied

Quick and Responsive Data

Highly responsive filters and drill down capabilities show exact call reasons, volume, and specific patients

Fresh Call Center KPIs

Quickly discover the impact of operational changes and measure the effects of new patient facing technologies

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