Revenue Intelligence Platform

WhiteSpace Health combines advanced technology including machine learning, predictive analytics, data services, and a health data warehouse, into a robust business intelligence (SAAS) solution. Our elegantly simple and amazingly responsive user experience delivers fresh KPIs so you know how well you’re doing along with the supporting detail that drives KPI performance for revenue cycle, operations, telehealth and more.

Advanced Technology

Silos of data are problematic and don’t provide an enterprise view. Our flexible data integration strategy unifies information from across your organization, from EMRs, claims, financial systems, surveys and more – into one health data warehouse.

Data Services

The WhiteSpace Health Cloud is a fully managed service built on Microsoft Azure. Our highly skilled healthcare IT professionals customize your instance with virtually no impact to your IT team or other projects. These data services deliver valuable insights to users on demand through an incredibly responsive and simple to use user experience.

Health Data Warehouse

WhiteSpace Health allows you to focus on running your business rather than creating fresh KPI dashboards each day. Once your data is ingested, it is cleansed and normalized before custom grouping, aggregation, classification and other advanced features are deployed to create a unified data model that is scalable and secure. 

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Analytics Tools

The advanced features of the user experience overlay a robust and scalable data schema that surfaces actionable insights to your laptop or mobile phone — equipping you to make intelligent, timely business decisions.

Onboarding Methodology

Many analytics implementations take months or years, and a high percentage of these lose focus and fail completely. Your data is valuable and you need to be able to use it. Since time is of the essence, WhiteSpace Health has developed a proprietary onboarding methodology that takes just days on average to deliver fresh, actionable insights so you can start making intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

Encounter Centric Model

Encounters are at the heart of everything, from referrals to scheduling the visit, payment and insurance claims to ongoing satisfaction. It’s important to have visibility to every workstream in your operations.

Fortified Security

Understanding privacy and security is core to how the WhiteSpace Health solution is built.

WhiteSpace Health’s Purpose-Built Modules

Develop a deep understanding of your business, select the best course of action, and monitor the results.

Revenue Cycle

End-to-end visibility into financial performance


Operational KPIs automatically refreshed each day


Compare financial and operational performance of in-person to telehealth visits

Call Center

Serve patients better with insight into Call Center workstreams


Use Sentiment to build positive patient experiences

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