Implementation Process

How does it work?

The WSH cloud is an integrated, secure, cloud-based platform for the delivery of analytics solution. It is a simple yet powerful way to load and manage your practice data and convert that into insights that drive right behavior. WSH cloud combines cutting-edge technology, data informatics services, and cloud-based analytics tools that takes you on a complete journey from disparate clinical, financial, and operational data to actionable insights.

Use Cases

Physician Engagement

Measure performance including comparative metrics, identify customized improvement plan.

Financial Management

Measure the metrics at individual level to drive improvements in profitability, cost reduction and productivity.

Operations Management

Measure and improve health system efficiencies like utilization, cycle time, quality, safety and failure rate both at organization and individual levels.

Regulatory Compliance

Measure the meaningful use reporting requirements. Prepare for ‘pay for performance’ and reporting.

Key Features

Connect all your data sources

Can connect all data from disparate sources like EHR, portals, and billing systems

Diagnostic business intelligence tool

Ability to provide metrics at individual levels like physicians, support staff to help take right action.

Analyze unstructured data

WSH cloud has the ability to analyze and convert structured and unstructured data to meaningful insights and use.

NLP with data scientists

Our proprietary algorithm combines natural language processing tool with human intelligence to provide cutting edge analytics.

Onboarding Process

Kick-off call

The process starts with a meeting with stakeholders to determine key metrics

Sample data analysis

To validate Key Performance Indicators (KPI), 1 – 3 months sample data is collated

Design review

Review helps stakeholders reconfirm the metrics and define changes

Final refinement

The feedback is incorporated in the analysis and KPIs are provided for final sign-off

Action planning

Our consultants facilitate the use of insights to drive actions at individual level


Subscription is signed-off with a commitment to drive continuous improvements