We help healthcare transition into a value based care

Value Based Care

Outcome Management - Wellness

Health tracker - Personalized date-specific goals and daily progress tracking
Wellness tips - Stream customized content related to diet, exercise, and lifestyle and easily educate and motivate your patients


HIPAA compliant, highly secure and encrypted telehealth solution that will increase the quality of care while reducing overall healthcare expenditures. Join us as a pioneer in telemedicine technology to improve healthcare delivery efficiency along with increasing quality of patient satisfaction and care

Patient Experience

Survey & Assessment Tools

People are the primary, best, and only source of information on how well you are doing on achieving your Quality Goals.

WSH offers you the option of using your own customized surveys for improving processes and services, training/investment/hiring strategy, employee appraisals etc.

You would be able to review survey results in real-time and take corrective measures faster as well as improve response rates by notifying respondents via text or email.

Payment Solutions

We implement simple, robust secure payment gateway services. Our experienced integrations give you access to multiple payment methods and service providers. Our full suite of Integrations helps you to enable or expand payments for yourself or your users in new, secure ways.