In order to succeed in today’s healthcare world, you need a comprehensive solution that provides detailed insight for your practice. Our healthcare intelligence platform is designed to understand the health of your physician practice. By integrating data (structured and unstructured) from multiple clinical and financial source systems including patient portals, Electronics Health Records (EHR), Practice Management Systems (PMS) and billing systems, we can provide you with actionable insights at individual level.

Business Management System for Practice Leaders

RCM Analytics - Gain Unprecedented visibility into your RCM with cutting-edge BI and analytics solutions.

Physician Engagement - Measure performance including comparative metrics, identify customized improvement plan.

Operations Management - Measure and improve health system efficiencies like utilization, cycle time, quality, safety and failure rate both at organization and individual levels.

Financial Management - Measure the metrics at an individual level to drive improvements in profitability, cost reduction and productivity.

Regulatory Compliance - Measure the meaningful use reporting requirements. Prepare for ‘pay for performance’ and reporting.


The health of your business is dependent on how smart you can work on your Revenue Cycle Management process. This requires breaking down the data silos and working across the healthcare revenue cycle continuum.
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Engaged and informed patients who partner in their care are crucial to better outcomes, enhanced satisfaction, and more efficient. The need for better practice engagement is critical and yet to be fully attained throughout the industry. Healthcare reforms are placing significant weight on your outcomes through payment changes, penalties, and incentives. Improved healthcare delivery will depend on practice engagement before, during, and post visit to your physician practice.

Our practice engagement solutions can help you to measure your patient communication and engagement trends. You can use the insight to improve the experience, increase patient portal adoption, reduce cost, and measure meaningful use.

Why you need It ?

  • Improve your portal utilization
  • Improve your practice engagement experience
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduce your call center/support cost
  • Optimize your resource utilization

  • Operational

    Practice performance is the set of metrics that matter to run the practice effectively and efficiently. You will need it to watch the performance, trends and make right decisions with confidence. It can answer questions of various parts, functions and process of your practice.

    Why you need it ?

  • Reduce cost
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reduce no-show rate
  • Improve workflow turn around Time
  • Ensure best practices

  • Financials

    Next generation data analytics for coding and revenue cycle management. WSH analytics provide transparency and value, including the use of real-time data to understand key financial indicators such as claim denial rates, denial reasons, payer performance compliance, and claim types. It can help you drive revenue and cost optimization metrics.

    Why you need it ?

  • Pay for performance
  • Optimize revenue and AR
  • Improve cost levers
  • Incentivize team
  • Improve quality for RCM

  • Social

    Use social data and discover meanings to make right decisions.

    Our technology collects data from relevant online sources, allowing you to discover insights.

    Why you need it ?

  • Improve Business Reputation
  • Feedback based process improvement
  • Promotion and Awareness
  • Improve Loyalty
  • Higher Conversion and Retention Rates


    WSH offers you the option of using CAHPS surveys or deploying your own customized surveys for obtaining feedback which you can use for improving processes and services, planning your training/ investment/ hiring strategy, employee appraisals etc.

    You would be able to review survey results in real-time and take corrective measures faster as well as Improve response rates by notifying patients via text or email.

    Our ability to customize surveys with the questions that matter to you and your practice the most, make our offering the most sought out survey application.

    Why you need it ?

  • Recalibrate the Organizational Compass
  • Improve Client and Employee Engagement
  • Improve Talent Management
  • Improve Training Requirement Planning
  • Optimize Resource Deployment