What do we do?


Measure engagement and communication trends to improve the experience, increase patient portal adoption
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Understand your operational metrics that improve workflow, productivity, utilization, quality, and satisfaction
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Track and control revenue and cost drivers and, use the insight to increase reimbursements, control costs
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Use social data and discover meanings to make right decisions. Our technology collects data from relevant online sources, allowing you to
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Tools that gives required statistical and logical perspective required to drive improvement and establish one
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WhiteSpace Health has developed a platform framework that is a 360 degree patient-centered process model that practices can apply to manage
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Why do you need this?

Improve your operations

Take right actions to improve operations and financial outcomes. Using our KPIs and action planning, we will help you discover key levers and trends.

Drive right behavior

Use our insights and comparative metrics to drive specific actions at an individual level and transform entire organization.

Utilize benchmarking

Use our benchmarking to monitor and improve your practice’s performance. Gain access to insightful and actionable comparative analytics on peers

Reduce cost

Use insights to make workflow changes and increase the utilization and productivity of your staff to improve cost and profitability.

Ensure best practices

Understand and drive best practices to create a high performing organization. Optimize processes for more successful transition to value-based care.

Manage compliance

Understand and improve your patient portal utilization. Drive meaningful use compliance and realize the value of your investments.

Why should you choose WhiteSpace Health?

Zero capital to start

No cost required towards implementation of infrastructure like servers, hardware, storage, and no license or maintenance fees involved.

Rapid time to value

You can take concrete action at an individual level and realize value in a short amount of time with progress seen by entire organization.

Secure platform

WSH cloud is a cloud-based platform that uses secure technologies and natural language processing to drive impactful analytics.

Zero impact to your existing projects

We understand you have multiple priorities and resource issues. The entire process including implementation has no impact on your other projects.

Subscription based cost effective model

By providing flexibility of subscription based pricing, we have made the entire experience cost effective and affordable.

Happy customers

Our clients are very happy with us due to our passion, engagement, and simplicity to provide impactful dashboards and business intelligence tools.

Other ways to reach us

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